Susana Casanova

Chef at La Clandestina (Zaragoza, Spain)

This chef and co-owner of La Clandestina (Zaragoza) hit gold in the Official Spanish Tapas and Pinchos Championship at Madrid Fusión 2023.

Susana Casanova has been fond of cooking from a very early age, and so it comes as no surprise that her favourite TV programme was the cookery slot “Con las manos en la masa”. She watched more cookery programmes than cartoons, and was always offering to help her mother bread meat, make meatballs etc.

Later on in life, when she had to choose a professional career, she decided to work as a draughtswoman, and did so for a few years, but she had to reinvent herself after the crisis, and was reunited with her love of cooking when she had the chance to open a bistrot with Fernando Solanilla, co-owner of La Clandestina. 

That was in 2015. The eatery has now been consolidated with the work of this practically self-taught chef, who believes in km 0 ecological sustainable food.

Susana Casanova



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