Natalia Menéndez

Chef at Casa Chuchu (Turón, Asturias, Spain)

Natalia heads up the kitchen at Casa Chuchu, where her cuisine does not eschew classical fare, and remains true to the produce of Asturias.

Her first contact with the catering business was through her husband - her boyfriend at the time - Rafa, a member of the family which ran Casa Chuchu. Casa Chuchu was originally a bar - or "chigre" cider house - but in 2014 (when Rafa and Natalia had already taken over) it became the restaurant it is today. This was when Natalia took the plunge and moved into the kitchen. 

As a self-taught chef onboarding knowledge from her own experience as a diner, Natalia's confidence grew, and Casa Chuchu also grew in terms of respect and recognition, with awards such as the Repsol "Solete", or second place in the Best Croquette Competition at Madrid Fusión this year. 

Natalia Menéndez



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